2023: Governor Bala Set To Replicate His ‘Success in FCT, Bauchi’, If Elected President 

Bala Mohammed, the governor of Bauchi State said he would be prudent in managing Nigeria’s resources if given the mandate to be president.

The governor made the assertion in reference to his stewardship being a serving governor and ex-minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Speaking to delegates of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from the southeast, ahead of the party’s primary elections, Bala avowed that he would run a knowledge-based and all-inclusive government. Accordion to him, he would avoid “reckless” borrowing. 

“We are going to have a knowledge-driven presidency. We are not going to be borrowing recklessly,” told the delegates. “We have done it in the FCT and I’m doing it in Bauchi, leveraging on small resources and doing much, having correct procurement process and managing scarcity was sagacity.”

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The governor claimed he is a step away from clinching the presidential ticket of the party, a success of which would see him solving the country’s “myriads of problems.”

However, Bala said he will support anyone that emerges if he could not clinch the ticket. “I am presenting myself for election and I seek your support but if I don’t win, I will support the eventual candidate of PDP because we have to rescue Nigeria.”

He stressed that his compelling life journey and exposure as a journalist, and also having worked in civil service and politics have equipped him with the skills to tackle the myriad of frightening problems bequeathed by the All Progressive Congress (APC) administration.

Bala described the Igbo nation as critical to the Nigerian project, maintaining that their entrepreneurial ingenuity and apprenticeship should be emulated by others as a model for addressing poverty and unemployment in the country.

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With the PDP presidential primary election slated for May 28, WikkiTimes understands that the serving governor is trying to kill two birds with a stone. 

WikkiTimes had exclusively reported how Ibrahim Kashim, the Secretary to the Bauchi State Government, secretly resigned and got cleared as a governorship candidate, but in proxy for governor Mohammed — to reclaim the ticket should he lose at presidential primary polls.

A source privy to the “secret resignation” told WikkiTimes that the SSG “clandestinely submitted his resignation to Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed” in what looks like a secret pact between the duo.

Hitherto, the governor earlier this year explained how he can aspire to be Nigeria’s president and still retains his gubernatorial ticket, though with a plan B. Despite that,  his dream shatters along the way.


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