“Abaya” In The Northern states

By Nafisa isma’il sadiq

Few weeks back, I noticed many ladies putting this on their status “Any girl that didn’t wear abaya this sallah is not a big girl.” This statement sound funny Right? It was really a joke at first but it has now become a serious matter that is trending on social media.

I get to understand how this stuff is important to them when I saw a conversation between a guy and a lady in which the lady demanded “Abaya” from the guy and she promised to give him anything he wants from her after the holy month of Ramadan, a month Muslim faithfuls observe fasting throughout.

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This “Abaya” of a stuff is making some ladies go crazy to the extend of giving out their dignity and value out.

Some years back, there was an issue of a smart  phone called iPhone, which made a lot of Ladies lost their pride,dignity,respect and value just to get that iPhone, despite the positive features the smartphone have.

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Both Muslims and Christians at that time were ready to go to any length to get that phone. This applied to most ladies from the North,South,East and Western states.

But the matter here on ground only deals with the Muslim faithfuls, particularly those from the North. It is only in the North you would see  Muslim girls struggling to wear the so called “Abaya” of a stuff on Sallah day.  No matter what they will do, all they want is to wear “Abaya” on Sallah day.

Dear  Sister, who do you want to impress?  Is it God or your fellow human beings? Who exactly? I think it’s shame to ladies who dress to impress. It is really funny that some girls are attaching themselves to something less important,and putting their dignity at stake for it.
 Okay, let say iPhone is a device that contains a lot of features that most android phones lack, but  what about “Abaya”? “Abaya” is just a material that comes in different colors ,sizes which is designed with beads, glittering stones and flowers.

That’s just what it is! But seriously, a lot of girls are ready to take “9 months course” or assignment for it in order to get “Abaya” for themselves. Dear ladies, why? Is this material worthy enough to your dignity,respect and value as a Muslima?
The Arabians who wear “Abaya” take it as their normal way of dressing the way in the Northern we take lace and “Ankara” as our normal dressing and wears.

If you don’t wear “Abaya” on Sallah day, no one will  hurts you  despite the intimidations from your peers.  Your focus on Sallah Day is to worship God and nothing more! 
Today, People don’t get to understand the difference between online and real life situation or stuff.

This issue of  “Abaya” started  online just recently and people started pressurizing it on Social Media like Facebook, tweeter and Instagram etc. This is because Social media is the only place where everyone says whatever they like without them facing penalties or consequences.

My Dear Ladies,  never let social Media push you to do something that you’ll later regret in life. Ask those people shouting “Abaya” online whether they have any. “Abaya” will never make you look like an Arabian because you’re not.

“Abaya” will never cover your shame. It will neither brings good husband to you nor stopping you from dying. So why getting crazy for material things?
This goes to the Men also. 

Dear men, if you can afford “Abaya” for your daughters, sisters and even cousins, please  buy it for them because women have a fragile heart. Also, don’t judge a woman with your own thinking because what you take less important is what they take very important and serious. 
May Allah make everything easy for us. Ameen.

Nafisa Isma’il Sadiq writes from Department of Mass Communication, Bayero University, Kano. ([email protected])


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