Abdulmuiz Iguda: The Kano-born Young Tech Wizard

Kano-born Abdulmuiz Iguda, 17, has invented three mobile applications using his knowledge of coding and programming.

Iguda, explained that he started learning the skills on YouTube and Google before advancing to other aspects that enabled him to create the applications. As he works on his third project, Iguda said he has successfully invented two applications that are already on Google Playstote.

“I developed a special interest in ICT, particularly coding,” he told Daily Trut. “My journey in the artificial intelligence-related area of technology began when I learned about coding on YouTube and Google and also began my participation in coders’ group chats via social media sites.”

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“Singlehandedly, I was soon able to come up with some apps that were later uploaded to the Playstore,” Iguda added. “I learned the process from different places and all are from social media. I used to consult YouTube tutorials, Facebook groups and WhatsApp platforms that are mainly concerned about how to create applications through coding and programming.”

With interest in coding and programming since childhood, the young boy said his future plan is to invent more applications including home automation apps, robotics and others that will trend globally.

Iguda, who is a graduate of Day Science Secondary School, Kofar Nasarawa in Kano, said he was using his mobile phone to create the app before getting a laptop.

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The applications

Two years back, Iguda said he created three applications: Learn KIVY, ADVERTISEIT, VIPSHOW; while the first two are available on Play Store, the third is on its way.

He said: “Learn KIVY  is a software that teaches interested people, especially young ones, how to start exploring the world of coding by understanding the programming language. It teaches mostly the know-how of Firefox to beginners and younger children.

“The second one is ADVERTISEIT, and this is an online marketing app that allows people to sell and buy products from the comfort of their homes. The app provides online stores where they place their products for the prospective buyers to visit and order.

“I am working on a more complex app named VIPShow (Very Important Persons’ Show). VIPShow is a social networking app that allows users to chat, comment, like, follow and share photographs, images and videos with friends and the intended audiences.”

According to Iguda, VIPShow can host over 200,000 concurrent connections and he is hoping to compete with the world’s leading social media platforms.

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The young IT lad explained that he paid $25 in courtesy of his parents’ need to create an account on the Play Store, which later enabled him to upload his applications.

“Because my parents discovered that I have an interest and talent in coding and programming systems, they always supported me in doing that. So, whatever is not beyond their earnings, they support me with it to pursue my ambition. They gave me $25 and I got my apps uploaded,” said Iguda.

Further he added that over 100 people have so far downloaded his Learn KIVY app and that he had disabled the ADVERTISEIT to allow him to improve it and merge it with the VIPShow to make it work better.

The young Iguda said his ambition is to become an IT specialist who will invent applications that will be useful across all parts of the world.

He said: “I work day and night to get things done better for myself and the future. So, I want to see myself as a big ICT consultant in the near future. I have the courage, interest and dedicated mind to do all these. Imagine if I became better than this in terms of age, knowledge, resources and experience. I will surely do better.

“I also want to secure admission in the best universities that excel in AI, Machine Learning and robotics, and establish an ICT hub that specializes in Coding, AI and robotics.”

According to him, he already sees his skills as a job spinner and wants the support of the government and the private sector to explore and expand. He said he would be glad if relevant authorities in Nigeria, NGOs, the organised private sector (OPS) and individuals would support his humble project to fruition. “I will be useful in developing national initiatives towards making African youth coding-friendly (Coding for Kids, Coding Simplified, Coding YouTube Classes) and as well work with the industry and experts for my personal development.”


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