Abuja Tech Bro Purchased ‘Fake’ Hard Drive from Jumia — ‘It Stopped Working Days After’

An Abuja-based tech enthusiast, Zubairu Mudashir said a hard drive he bought from Jumia, Nigeria’s online shopping platform, stopped functioning after a few days.

Mudashir told WikkiTimes he purchased the product in May last year, but kept it aside and would unbox it later to know why it was not functioning as expected.

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“It was 4th of May last year when it arrived,” he recalled. “I formatted it routinely and kept it aside for use later, wasn’t suspecting anything, then the next day it wasn’t showing up anymore, this is an issue that I experience with actual hard drives so I just put it aside and used other ones.”

When Mudashir unboxed the hard drive, he found out that it was not really a drive. “When I eventually got around to open it up, I then found out that it is in fact not actually a hard drive but a flash drive with a bit of weight,” he told WikkiTimes.

The ‘fake’ drive

Mudashir explained that he could not return the product because its warranty period had elapsed.

“It’s actually beyond the return time so I can’t send it back. So when I posted and they reached out, they said I should have returned it during their return window which is 7 working days after receiving the product, and at that point, it never even occurred to me that what I had bought wasn’t a hard drive at all,” he stated.

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According to Mudashir, he had been a loyal customer of Jumia, but the recent scenario would discourage him from patronising the platform further.

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He added: “Honestly,  I’ve been a big fan for a long time.  I’m even on their sales consultant program , but over the years, their service has dwindled so much it’s hard to even convince people about them like I used to before. I think after this I’ll probably never buy any hard drive or tech item from them ever again. The quality control has definitely gone to shit, cause how on earth do they have a vendor selling fake hard drives there? Is it just anyone they let on that platform with anything now?”

At press time, an email sent to Jumia had not been responded to.


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