Accused Scammer Threatens WikkiTimes’s Reporter, Wants Report Retracted

Loula Sanda, a Bauchi-based Twitter vendor accused of fraud by his client, Lynda Nwanebu, has threatened to take WikkiTimes to court if the platform refused to back down its report.

Earlier, WikkiTimes reported that Lynda paid N123,500 to Sanda for a Twitter account with over 50,000 followers, but the latter refused to release the login details of the account.

According to Lynda, Sanda advertised the Twitter handle to her and promised to deliver the details after payment. A series of events that trailed the event convinced Lynda that she had been scammed. Although, Sanda claimed he was also scammed by the original owner of the account.

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WikkiTimes’ efforts to hear Sanda’s side of the story were frustrated by his silence. After telling our reporter he could not talk when contacted, Sanda failed to respond to a text message sent to him.


A few moments after the report was published, Sanda responded to the message sent to him earlier, but with threats instead.

He shared some screenshots with WikkiTimes, claiming he was also scammed by another person identified as Tee.

However, Sanda threatened to drag the WikkiTimes reporter “to where I suppose go” if the story is not retracted. He added that the paper did not deserve his response if the report won’t be pulled down. “If you can’t take down the text then u don’t deserve my response!!! Just keep it kaji,” he told the platform via WhatsApp. “I give u until 3pm to take it down or else you will hear from court.”

Sanda further accused WikkiTimes of collecting money from his victim to make the story favour her. “Guy you collect her money and published something best on what u hia from her side abi? That’s awesome and thanks a lot ko,” he added.

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However, Lynda told WikkiTimes that Sanda had blocked her, saying their last conversation was on July 17, 2022. Sanda in a screenshot shared to WikkiTimes by Lynda, vowed not to refund the money until the latter stopped taking the matter to the public.

Out of the whole money, Lynda was only able to recoup N45,000. Sanda also admitted to this, saying he is yet to balance her the remaining N78,000.


  1. Thank you for this truth, somehow the world will come to know who loula Sanda is because I even contacted some friends to talk to him on Facebook before going public but instead he said I should collect loan from my bank that he’d be paying me back and when I asked him what is stopping him from collecting th loan from his own bank, he went mute.


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