After Criticising Aspirant, Bauchi Man Alleges Threats to Life

Salahudden Yakubu Gwani, a resident of Azare town in Katagum Local Government Area of Bauchi, says his life is being threatened by a political ally to Ghali Ma’aji, an All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate aspiring to represent Katagum Federal Constituency in the house of representative.

Gwani had earlier criticised Ma’aji on social media. Though he believes he is exercising his fundamental right of freedom of speech and that should not cost him his life.

“Yesterday evening, I received a call from one Ahmed Abdulhamid Maji, alias Ahmadu Gwansis, a brother to APC’s candidate for the seat of Member House of Representatives Katagum Federal Constituency in the forthcoming general elections,” Gwani told WikkiTimes. “He warned me to stop criticizing the politician.”

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Gwani said the caller threatened severe action had the criticism is being done by some else. Yet, he warned him to back off as disparaging the politician’s name would not be accepted.

Gwani explained that the politician is being criticised by his former supporters in Peoples Democatic Party (PDP).

“What am doing is not blackmail but constructive criticism of the candidate,” he affirmed. “It is normal for the public to scrutinize any person vying for any public office. The brother whom I think doesn’t know that only sees this criticism as blackmail. If he doesn’t want people to criticise his brother why does he want to contest for a seat?“

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“We parted ways with Honourable Ghali Ma’aji politically recently. They see my comments and postings on Facebook about him as blackmail but let me categorically say that what am doing is to let people decide on whom they choose as their leader,” he said.

Gwani revealed that he has informed security agencies about the threat over the phone. According to him, he will meet them when he returns from Abuja. “I did so for them to know that if anything happens to me this person should be held responsible,” he added.

When WikkiTimes contacted the accused, Maji, he said he had no time to discuss the matter. Asked when he would be free, Maji ended the call.


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