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Ahmad Lawal Blames PDP Over Nigeria’s Woes

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Senate President, Ahmad Lawal has blamed the main opposition party, People’s Democratic Party PDP over Nigeria’s existing problems.

Ahmad Lawan, mentioned how PDP’s footsteps left an impediment in the nation’s administration during President Muhammadu Buhari, insisting that the ruling All Progressive Congress APC is doing well to address these challenges.

“PDP may tell you something funny about the administration of APC at the national level but PDP ruled Nigeria for 16 years and all that they did was to leave and bequeath so many challenges to us in 2015.

“We are dealing with those challenges one after the other and if on the way, we encounter new challenges, we are equal to the task.” He stated.

Senator Lawan expressed his distaste over taking unnecessary loans stating that except if it’s demanded by the country’s urgent need.

“If we have to borrow, we have to borrow responsibly, targeted at capital development and today I want to say without any fear of contradiction that in every part of this country, there is infrastructural development either in terms of roads, bridges, dams and so on and so forth.

“What you witness in Lagos is to tell you one of the best the APC can do and we have many APC states that are working so hard to develop those states.”



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