Aisha Yesufu Chides Woman for Harassing Husband’s Side Chick

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu has admonished women who endure harassment from married women because of extra marital affairs.

According to her, “the nonsense of married women going about harassing those they call side chicks need to be dealt with.”

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In a Twitter thread on Tuesday evening, the activist condemned the act of harrassing ‘side chicks’ that often goes unpunished.

This comes a week after a video surfaced online, alleging that wife of Abuja popular tailor, Seyi Vodi was caught pants down in his office with one Moesha, reported to be his mistress.

According to the video broadcast, while the alleged cheating husband escaped the scene, naked, Moesha suffered verbal and physical harassment from the wife and a few others.

Yesufu fumed: “What nonsense is this? You go beat up a lady and video her naked? Then post it online? What manner of rubbish is all that? Why not face your good for nothing husband?”  

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Reacting to Moesha’s video, the activist expressed rage over the violence, urging the victim to seek legal redress for the harassment.

She tweeted: “I watched that video of Moesha and I was so angry at Moesha! How do you allow yourself to be so humiliated without fighting back?

“I hope the Moesha lady sues the living daylight out of that woman, uses her husband’s money to get SANs to defend her and she collects fat compensation from them. That friend wey follow am dey film go get accessory charge! The rubbish is becoming irritating!”

She added that a husband that respects his spouse remains loyal to the marriage and does not go around chasing women outside, hence, it is not the fault of the side chicks.

“Na as dem chase you dem dey chase dem,” she said in Pidgin. “And your side chick, why sit down & take nonsense from women like you?”

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She added: “It is so irritating for some frustrated wife that should focus on the person frustrating her and go after another person.

“The irony is that you will find out these so-called outraged wives also dated married men before marriage. 

“Go after your husband! You must be the lowest of lows to film a woman naked and share it with the public. You are as despicable and disgusting as your cheating husband if not worse!”


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