An Abductee Turns Terrorist, Becomes Nightmare to His People

In what seems to be a tragedy of life, Musa, an abductee turned into a dreaded terrorist, maiming and killing unsuspecting locals just like his village was invaded.

Musa, a resident of a village in Northeast Nigeria, was abducted after the terrorists rampaged his village, killed his father, displaced his mother and sister.

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The young man, according to HumAngle was indoctrinated after spending years with his abductors. He soon became a nightmare to neighbouring communities bordering his village.

His mother and sister were sacked to an Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp. Therein, they learned from other displaced persons the terror Musa had become.

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Musa in an attack he led, displaced some women among whom one was a distant acquaintance of his later father.

In the attack, Musa set many houses on fire, kidnapped scores and maimed others.


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