Another Islamic Scholar Backs Sheikh Idris, Dares Bauchi Shariah Commission To Summon Him

A Bauchi-based cleric, Dr Umar Adam Disina, has expressed support for Sheikh Idris AbdulAziz, a leading Imam of the Dutsen Tanshi Juma’at mosque in the Bauchi metropolis.

Sheikh Abdulaziz had made comments during a Ramadan Tafsir presentation that some have deemed indecent towards Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

On Thursday, Ibrahim Musa Yisin, on behalf of the Chairman of the commission, sent an invitation letter to the cleric, demanding his presence for an interactive session to clarify his alleged indecent utterances.

Bauchi Cleric, Abdul’aziz Summoned Over ‘Blasphemous’ Comment

During a Ramadan Tafsir presentation that was shared on a short video clip, Sheikh Abdul-Aziz had stated that the faithful should stick to the doctrine of monotheism and only seek protection from ‘One God,’ rather than from any saint, including the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

However, Dr Disina defended Sheikh AbdulAziz’s position during his own Juma’at sermon on March 7, stating that seeking protection from Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is not supported by several Quranic sources and Prophet’s traditions.

He further stated that there were several sources in both the Holy Quran and the traditions of the Prophet (SAW) that supported the cleric’s position.

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“This is our doctrine, and it’s unfortunate for the Bauchi state Shariah Commission to summon someone for saying that Protection should not be sought from Prophet Muhammad (SAW), let me say it clearly; protection should not be sought from Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but from Allah alone let them summon me too.

“Several Quranic sources and Prophet’s traditions suggest that protection must be sought from Allah alone”, Dr Disina added.

“This doctrine is sacred. Let everyone present here including the security agents extend this message to the Governor, we call on the Governor of the state to know that those behind this baseless allegation are his (Governor’s) enemies. “We support Dr Idris AbdulAziz and we stand with him,” Dr Disina said during his Juma’at sermon.

WikkiTimes had earlier reported that the Bauchi State Shari’ah Commission demanded Sheikh Abdul-aziz to appear before it on Saturday over his comments about the Prophet during one of his 2023 Ramadan Tafseer presentations which his critics said were blasphemous.


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