BAHA Member Raises Alarm Over Raising Land Disputes In Toro

Bala Abdu Toshi, a member representing Lame constituency in the Bauchi State House of Assembly (BAHA) has voiced concern over growing disputes over ownership lands allegedly belonging to government owned primary schools in the area.

The lawmaker said this in Bauchi while briefing the Speaker of the Bauchi State House of Assembly about the situation.

“There is the thought that people possess transcendental power and untainted freedom to encroach on government reserve areas,” he said.

The lawmaker further explained that even the leftover spaces from a completed government project are not prevented from illegal trespass.

“Where boundaries are delineated for peace to reign, it is unwise to fold our hands and watch perpetrators exploiting institutional decay just to enshrine selfish interest against what is conventional.

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“If nothing is done on time, the negative consequence is glaringly obvious.

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“There are instances of such problems that have resulted in serious cases in the Constituency. There is one known as Sunkuye Primary School case which has been in court for five years now. There is another one at Kadade Primary School which has been receiving judges attention for almost two years now.

“The number keeps increasing by the day and the luxuriant ground is sadly left unchecked for such similar rising files cases with illegal claims,” the lawmaker said.

Hon Abdu said the consequence of this negligence, which has been raising hazy cloud of tension and uncertainty in the area, could explode into communal violence if not checkmate.

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Lame hosts the protected Lame-Burra forest which is a stretch of about 205,900 hecters extending over Toro and Ningi local governments areas.

WikkiTimes in a detailed investigation documented how authorities in Ningi local government dubiously partitioned the Burra axis of the forest to highest bidders thus exercebating climate crisis in the area.


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