Bandit Kingpin, Dogo Gide ‘Forcefully Marries’ 9-year-old Kidnapped FGC Student

Farida Sani Kaoje, a nine-year-old girl kidnapped with other girls from Federal Government College (FGC) in Birnin Yauri, Kebbi State, has been forcefully “married” to Dogo Gide, a notorious bandit kingpin who masterminded the abduction.

On a fateful day in June last year, Farida, along with over 100 other students were abducted from FGC. However, only 30 of them have been released so far, but in batches.

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Sadly, nine-year-old Farida was not among the lucky ones. She would rather be forced into womanhood.

Not only a child bride but to a killer

Abubakar Abdullahi, popularly known as Dogo Gide, is a known monster for residents of Niger, Kaduna, Kebbi and Zamfara where he hails from. In an attempt to rise to terrorsim stardom in 2018, he killed two of his superiors known as Buharin Daji and Damina, according to news reports.

Stunningly, Nigerian military claimed to have eliminated the terror kingpin, but his ressurection stuns Nigerians up to date.

Dogo Gide who is notorious for kidnapping, cattle rustling, armed robbery and sexual violence now became a groom to an innocent nine-year-old Farida.

In an Instagram post, Hauwa Mustapha Babura, an early childhood education specialist, bemoaned the miserable condition the little girl has found herself in, and therefore, sympathsed with her parents, while calling on Nigerian leaders as well as religious clerics to intervene.

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She imagined the pain and hardship the girl could be going through at the moment. “This is our sister, our daughter forcefully married into the family of a terrorist…,” Babura cried. “Everyone should look at this girl, especially if you have a daughter or you are a woman. Close your eyes and think about the aura of your daughter or you as a little girl in secondary school. Imagine in our secondary school, terrorsists come and abduct you or your wards, take her into the bush and forcefully marry her.”


Failed promises

In June, the Kebbi State Governor, Abubakar Bagudu, vowed to lead a search and rescue mission into the forest where the girls were suspected to be held hostage, but so far, he has yet to fulfill his promise.

Farida is not the only victim getting married in captivity, but her case in disheartening. Last week, the terror guys who derailed the Kaduna-bound train ferrying at least 60 passengers and kidnnaped them, threanted to marry Lois Azurfa John, a 21-year-old captive.

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These scenarios prove, beyond doubt, the negligence of the Child Right Act, WikkiTimes observes.

The Child Right Act defines a child as a person below the age of 18 years. It bans betrothal and child marriage. However, in Nigeria, 43% of girls are married off before they turn 18.

Many forces come into play in the violation of the child right act, including poverty, poor educational attainment and strong social and religion.

The Wellbeing Foundation Africa acknowledges that child marriage prevents girls from making their own life choices, disrupts their education, subjects them to violence and discrimination, and withholds their full participation in economic, political, and social life.


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