Banditry: Zamfara Gov’t Shares 500 Gun License Forms To 19 Emirates

As banditry in Zamfara State take a new twist, the state government has urged its citizens to wield firearms as a way of protecting themselves.

Bello Matawalle, the state governor through Ibrahim Magaji Dosara, the commissioner for  information, disclosed this in a press statement Saturday.

Terrorist attacks are a matter of concern to the people and the state government. Therefore, to address this problem as a whole in our areas, the government has no choice but to take measures that include giving to the people, the ability to plan and own firearms to protect themselves from pirates, according to the statement said.

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However, police authority in the state has been briefed on the matter to allow citizens carry firearms.

The Zamfara State government has said it will take the lead in making it easier for people to own guns, especially for “farmers to acquire weapons to defend themselves,” Dosara said. “The government has already finalized the distribution of 500 forms to 19 emirates in the state to provide for people in need of firearms to protect themselves.”

Zamfara governmet was not the first to take such decision. Neighbouring Katsina State set the pace when he ordered residents to own firearms to protect themselves from attackers.

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Zamfara State is one of the most insecure states in Nigeria due to attacks by bandits and kidnappers. The attacks have killed hundreds of people and displaced thousands.

The state and federal governments have repeatedly vowed to end the attacks, but the problem remains unresolved.


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