Bandits Besiege Mining Site In Niger, Kill 13, Abduct Chinese Expatriates

Rebels locally known as bandits reigned terror in Ajata-Aboki, a remote village in Gurmana ward of Shiroro local council in Niger State, killing 13 people and kidnapping scores including Chinese expatriates.

Sani Yusuf Kokki, a youth leader in Shiroro told WikkiTimes, Thursday morning.

The gun-wielding rebels during yesterday’s attack, killed seven policemen and six other civilians. The policemen, according to Kokki, were guards of the mining site owned by the Chinese expatriates.

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Victims of multiple gunshots are currently undergoing treatment at various medical facilities in the state.

The mining site, Kokki noted, attracts criminal activities and in turn endangers locals in the community.

“No doubt, this mining site owned and managed by foreign nationals has for a very long time become a place of attraction and a good target for criminals because of its juicy and lucrative disposition,” he said.

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According to the youth leader, the bandits are currently holding Chinese nationales abducted from the mining site.

“They succeeded in kidnapping an unspecified number of Chinese Nationals and they are currently being held hostage,” Kooki disclosed in a statement. “It was terrific and terrible and the scene was bloody!”

Attempts to thwart the bandits’ invasion by military personnel stationed around Erena, another area prone to banditry attack, failed as the terrorists overpowered them.

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“In view of this, we are calling for more support from higher authorities and reinforcement especially from the Nigerian Air Force through air strike in order to strengthen  the tireless efforts of the gallant officers at the warfront,” Kokki called for reinforcement.

Banditry and kidnapping for ransom have disrupted the peaceful atmosphere in Niger State and with all indication, WikkkTimes understands that the state government is overwhelmed by the unending scenario. 

A series of attacks have been recorded over the years, forcing thousands of locals to take refuge in displaced persons camps.

Enmanuel Umar, the commissioner for Internal Security and Humanitarian Affairs confirmed the incident in a statement on Thursday. 


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