Barrister Bello Distributed N3 Million To PDP Delegates In Niger Wards. He Now Wants It Back After Losing In Primary

Barrister Bello Abbas has collected over N2.4 million from delegates of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Niger State after he lost his bid to represent Paikoro and Bosso federal constituency in the party’s primary election.

WikkiTimes learned that three delegates from 10 different wards received N100,000 each to fly Bello’s flag at the PDP primary election in Minna, Niger State. However, drama ensued after he encountered a defeat at the poll.

Bello through his campaign Director-General (DG) whose identity remains sketchy at press time, was seen in a video obtained by WikkiTimes collecting the money from each ward. The money was wrapped in brown envelopes each containing N300, 000 for each ward. 

Apart from Shata and Beji wards, the following have returned their money: Bosso Central 1, Bosso Central 2, Chanchaga, Garatu, Kampala, Maikunkele and Maitunbi.

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“This is the DG of Barrister Abbas Bello collecting money given to delegates on Monday after losing in primaries,” a background voice said in the video. “We are now returning his ward by ward through his DG. This is the money people of Bosso local government returned to Barrister Abbas Bello.”

“We the people of Bosso LG are returning back his money because we don’t want embarrassment,” the voice continued. “Every ward was given N300,000.” 

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Another man speaking behind the camera listed some wards that have completely returned the money:

“Maikunkele ward returned its money, Bosso Central 1 returned its N300,000, Chanchaga ward, Maitunbi ward, Bosso Central 2, Kampala, Garatu ward and Kodo ward — all returned their money.” 

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“Two more wards will soon bring theirs — Shata and Beji will refund him because we are not stupid,” the person added.

Responding, the DG said, “we want to correct an anomaly in the country and this is how it will start.” 

However, multiple voices chorused to the DG, telling him his boss has lost their support. “Bosso people said he should not solicit from them anymore, and he should not claim an indigene of Bosso as well.”


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