Bauchi-based Tinubu Loyalist, Borrowed N10,000 from Friend. He Disappeared and Blocked Her Number

James Lucca Jonathan, a Bauchi-based Ahmed Bola Tinubu loyalist, borrowed N10,000 from a friend, Racheal Danjuma, in August with a promise to refund her in a few days, but he refused.

According to Danjuma, the debtor said he needed the money to fuel his guests’ cars who visited him for a political event. 

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“He told me Tinubu had sent him some money but was having some issues with his bank and couldn’t withdraw the money,” Danjuma said. “I was having N17,000 with me and decided to lend him N10,000 since he had promised to refund as soon as he rectified his bank’s issue.”

“Out of the N17,000, N15,000 was for my friend who was saving up to register for her Senior School Certificate Examination. But I decided to help him and now he is nowhere to be found,” Danjuma added. 

Five months later, Jonathan has not been responding to Danjuma’s calls. He would later block her from contacting him. Danjuma told WikkiTimes she had to source alternative means to settle her friend (who was saving for examination).

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“In November, I contacted his friend and he told me that Jonathan had travelled. And after narrating everything to him, he couldn’t help,” she said.

When contacted, Jonathan admitted to having lent money from Danjuma but declined to make further comment on the case. He denied ghosting her and later requested that the reporter meet him for further comment. 

“Yes I know Racheal Danjuma,” he affirmed. “But I did not disappear and I didn’t block her line from reaching me. I’m in Bauchi State.” 


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