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Bauchi Cleric Tasks Muslim on Zakat, Says ‘It’s Best Poverty Alleviation Model’

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Imam Hamza Muhammed, the Chief Imam of Taubat Juma’at Mosque Bauchi, has called on wealthy Muslims to nurture the zeal of giving out Zakat to the poor and needy in society so as to reduce poverty among people.

The Imam stated this while delivering his sermon on Friday in Bauchi.

He said that Zakat as the Creator ordained, is the surest formula to end poverty and promote mutual feelings among the rich and poor.

He said that if people whose quantum of wealth reached the threshold of Zakat can give it out to those Allah decreed that they be given, the pervasive poverty and hunger rampant in the society at the moment can be effectively tackled.

Imam Hamza said that leasing out Zakat from one’s wealth is the surest way of cleaning and purifying the wealth from all dirt that may otherwise cripple its growth and expansion.

He admonished wealthy Muslim faithful to ensure that their Zakat is given as ordered by Almighty Allah to reap Allah’s reward and protect their wealth from any calamity.



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