Bauchi Expert Attributes Social Vices To Broken Homes

A Bauchi based behaviour change expert says broken homes is one of the major problems influencing social vices among youths in the society.

Saidu Tanko Tilde, Head in charge of Bauchi remand home made the disclosure while hosting a non-governmental organization, Hausa Fulani Development and Orientation Forum HAFYDOF in his office.

Saidu Tilde said the failure of parents to carry out their parental obligations to their children over the years was a major motivating factor inducing youths to partake in social vices.

The expert argued that it was in the interest of the general public, particularly parents to stem social vices through proper parental upbringing.

Cleric Attributes Rape, Armed Robbery, Other Social Vices To Broken Homes

WikkiTimes reports that the activities of the popularly ‘Sara-Suka’, a gang of criminals, mostly youths is highly eminent in the State.

Bauchi NGO attributes raping, kidnapping, to collapse of marriage institution

The causes and consequences of broken homes in Nigeria (II)

The groups span many locations in Bauchi. Experts say, most of the youths partaking in ‘Sara-Suka’ are mostly from poor and broken homes.

In his comments, the state Chairman of the Forum, Comrade Musa Dambam said the visit was aimed at seeking the release of some children at the remand home following the outcry by some of the parents of the children.

Comrade Musa Dambam who debunked insinuation that the association has secured the release of some of the children, adding that the forum has made necessary arrangements to pay fine and secure the services of a lawyer to facilitate their release.

He said the move to secure the release of the children is part of the forum’s humanitarian activities and contribution to nation-building.


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