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Bauchi High Court Dismisses Shiekh Idris Abdul’aziz’s Case Against APC Chieftain

A Federal High Court sitting in Bauchi has dismissed the complaint Malam Idris Abdul’aziz Dusten Tanshi, a popular Islamic cleric filed against a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC Nasiru Chigari.

Our Correspondent reports that the cleric had three years ago instituted a legal action alleging that Mr Chigari photographed him without his consent despite being given an injunction prohibiting photography in Islam.

The presiding judge, Justice Babatunde Quadri in a judgement delivered on 10th March 2022 stroked out the case over the inability of Malam Idris Dusten Tanshi to present witnesses to give testimony before the court.

The Court had given 33 days to the cleric to present his witnesses as demanded by the court without cost.

Justice Quadri dismissed the case for lack of merit coupled with the inability of the plaintiff to present sufficient evidence to convince the court about his claim.

Malam Idris told the court that he couldn’t present his witnesses before the court at the expiration of the 33 days grace leased out to him because one of them is not in town and he did not brief the others about their appearance in court during sitting.

The cleric gained notoriety for outlawing the use of photographs among Muslims owing to his staunch grounds on the permissibility of photography and use of images in Islam.


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