Bauchi Kidnappings: Cattle Vendors at Maraba Market Drum for More Security

Cow vendors at Mararaba market have appealed to government to secure their business by providing maximum security.

The appeal came at the heels of a kidnapped of a popular business that buy and transport cows from Bauchi down to southern Nigeria.

The unnamed man who was kidnapped on Thursday the 16th of September by unknown gunmen was lucky to have escaped from his predators who abducted him for ransom.

Alhaji Ahmed Dabo Chairman of the cattle vendors in the market made the appeal while interacting with WikkiTimes at the market square on Thursday.

He said the provision of adequate security will help buyers feel secure to transact at the cattle market

Dabo said some cow buyers ferry millions of naira in cash, hence the need for optimum security structures to curtail threats from criminals.

 “At our own level, we have arranged interim security like police, Danga security, etc to come and patrol on market days and we pay them something small at least.

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“We need more security.

“People come with millions of naira to this market and they don’t have places to arrange their money before coming out, such they are susceptible to be traced by thieves who then monitor them in the market”, he said.

“As I am talking to you now, I receive cow buyers from Owerri, Imo State. They usually come from states like Enugu, they come from Onitsha, Awka and states in the North are just regarded as home. So we need to get security in this market”, Alhaji Dabo added.

Alhaji Dabo appealed to concerned authorities to their aid by fencing the market and provides it with shops to enable traders to stock goods adding that the market is in dire need of a public toilet

On his part, Abdullahi Shatu, Chairman of peace and security Committee Mararaban Liman Katagum appealed to the government to provide the market with electricity to light up the market especially at light saying that it will strengthen the security in the market as well.

Mararaba which is about 20 kilometres away from the seat of power of Bauchi State, houses the biggest cattle market in the state which attracts customers from all parts of the country.


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