Bauchi Lawmaker Bewails Delayed Dispensation Of Justice By Courts

Bauchi The member representing Misau Constituency in the Bauchi State House of Assembly, Bakoji Aliyu Bobbo has said that untimely completion of court cases in Nigeria is culpable for worsening insecurity in the country. 

The lawmaker said continued delay in the dispensation of justice by Nigerian courts if not halted, will continue to turn the nation into an unsafe destination. 

He said while there exists an urgent need to review 1999 Nigeria’s Constitution to repeal laws that are not decisive in dealing with corruption acts and tendencies, Nigerians must change their attitude towards obeying the laws of the land. 

The lawmaker said Nigerian laws must be tailored to suit the lawlessness attitude of Nigerians to safeguard the fabrics of the society from total failure or collapse.

Mr Bakoji said deliberate attempts must be made to make laws that will change the political instability in the country. 

He said some laws in the constitution are weak to deal with the offences that they were meant to address in view of the changing narratives of crimes at the moment in the country.


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