Bauchi Legionnaires Pledge Support To Help Secure State As Bala Vows To ‘Construct Secretariat In Three Months’

Members of the Nigerian Legion in Bauchi State have declared their unfaded support to help the government secure the lives and property of citizens of the state. 

Chairman of the Nigerian Legion Bauchi State retired Brigadier General Idris Danjuma Ningi stated this on Friday during the launching of the 2022 Armed Forces Remembrance Day and Emblem appeal fund at the Government House Chamber Bauchi. 

The Chairman said that Bauchi State Government and the Federal Government did so well to keep Bauchi safe despite being the gateway to the insurgency reddened Northeast sub-region of the country. 

He said with the rising insecurity threads in the country, the capacity of the nation’s security architect is overstretched, hence the need for retired servicemen to come in to offer their contributions to ensure that the territorial integrity of Nigeria is protected. 

Retired Brigadier-General Ningi lamented the deteriorating condition of the ex-servicemen in the state and their families, adding that the situation is nothing to write home about as inflation bids harder in the country. 

He said wives and children of members of the legion live in A very harsh condition to the mercy of God with most of them unable to fee three times a day let alone afford the education expenses of their children. 

He pleaded with Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed to construct a befitting secretariat for them in Bauchi insisting that the current building housing the Nigerian Legion in the state is inhabitable. 

Responding, Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed said putting into cognizance the historical antecedents of the country, the nation’s ex-servicemen deserve more than they are actually getting at the moment from government and private individuals, insisting that there is a need for more support to uplift and improve the living their condition. 

The governor said there are no party lines differences when it comes to providing succour to families of members of the Nigerian Legion. 

He said both PDP and APC need to do more, saying that the Legioners did so well to keep a united nation with full pledge territorial integrity in the comity of nations of the world. 

Governor Bala said the Nigerian private sector and public-spirited individuals ought to do more to help improve the living conditions of the ex-servicemen adding that they belong to the nation not a sect. 

While launching the 2022 Emblem Appeal Fund, Bala Mohammed announced the Bauchi State Government’s donation of 10 million naira. 

He also pledged to erect a new secretariat for the Nigerian Legion in Bauchi State “in the next three months.”


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