Bauchi Residents Demand Effective Flood Control 

Residents of flood-prone areas in Bauchi State have called on the government to devise proactive measures ahead of this year’s flooding.

Some residents in Cheledi — one of the community flood-prone areas — in Kirfi local council, expressed fear, saying they haven’t seen any level of preparedness by the state government to mitigate the looming disaster. 

Recalling the disastrous impact of last year’s flooding, Ado Sale, a local farmer in Chiledi said it seems “the authorities are not taking this threat seriously enough.”

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“Every rainy season brings the same fears,” he told WikkiTimes. “We’ve done what we can, but without proper support and infrastructure in place, we’re at the mercy of God.” 

Maryam Suleiman, a mother of six in the community, opines that authorities need to do more to mitigate the impacts of floods.

She stressed that only consolidated efforts would help mitigate the situation.

“It’s encouraging to see everyone working together. It shows that we can come together to face challenges. We just pray that the measures in place will be enough,” she said.

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Reminiscing Previous Year’s Disaster 

Last year, the flood destroyed at least 700 houses and farmlands in the Cheledi community. 

The disaster also wreaked havoc in Dass local council.

Abdullahi Mohammed, a local shop owner in Kagadama community in Dass recalled: “Last year, we lost so many goods to the floods. The water came so quickly, and we couldn’t save everything.”

“But this time, we’re trying to be better prepared, but you know we can’t do enough,” Mohammed said, adding it’s the government’s duty to build embankments.

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Most of the residents who spoke to WikkiTimes are hopeful but remain cautious.

“I’ve lived in Bauchi all my life, and every rainy season brings the same fears,” said Yusuf Danjuma, a taxi driver who lost his crops to flooding in 2022.

“We have done what we can do, but the real test will be when the heavy rains come. We just hope this time things will be different.”

Flood-prone areas in Bauchi

Barely two weeks ago, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet), National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), and Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) in Bauchi identified several communities across ten local governments for collaborative efforts to address flood risk.

Additionally, the agencies noted that experts are visiting communities susceptible to flooding to raise awareness.

The agency cautioned farmers against unnecessary use of tractors for ridging, citing its contribution to soil erosion and exacerbation of flooding.


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