‘Being A Widow Is Like A Death Sentence,’ Bauchi Widow Cries Out

Habiba Idris, a 40-year-old Bauchi Widow, has described life as a widow following the demise of her husband two years ago as being on life imprisonment.

In 2020, Habiba’s husband died leaving her with children behind. At the moment, she depends on the labour of her teen daughter to meet the necessities of survival now transferred to her.

However, two years after the death of her husband, Habiba along with her eight children depended on the earnings her teenage daughter made from working as an errand.

She said that she grapples finding what to feed her family, a chore that she hitherto doesn’t know how her husband during his lifetime managed to fend for them.

“Widowhood is a death sentence.

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“I don’t have any work to do! It is only my girl child who goes out to sweep for people, wash their clothes and get paid at the end of the month.

“That’s how we eat. We use her little salary to eat food and also pay for the credits we have collected earlier,” Habiba told WikkiTimes.

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She said none of her kids attends school because she cannot afford to pay their school fees.

“My major concern is for my children to attend school; none of them is in School right now.”

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