Boko Haram Insurgents Plant Bomb in Niger Community, Displace Locals

Residents of Lakpma and other communities in Shiroro local council, Niger State were evicted yesterday by Boko Haram insurgents who planted explosives in Chukba ward and injured two locals.

Jibrin Abdullahi Allawa, President Lakpma Youths Assembly, disclosed this in a statement made available to newsmen yesterday.

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“In kurebe ward, the terrorists have gone to the extent of buying food items from the locals for storage because of the effects of changing currency in Nigeria,” he said.

“Erena and adjourning villages have similar stories where the demons go out chasing for abduction and shooting fellow humans like wild animals,” he added.

The president stated that Allawa-Pandogari-Bassa road has been unmotorable for days as a result of terrorists who lurk around to inflict harm on locals. 

Allawa told WikkiTimes, in a telephone conversation that there was a bomb blast yesterday around 3 pm and two persons — Israel Bawa and Nura Dogo — sustained various degrees of injuries.

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According to him, Bawa was taken to Erana hospital while Dogo is still receiving treatment at IBB, Specialist, Minna.

Allawa told WikkiTimes there have been incessant attacks on different communities along the axis.

“Locals have been seeing an exodus of terrorists coming from the Kaduna axis, and it has been happening,” he said, urging state actors to brace up counter-terrorism strategy.

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“There must be a good formidable plan in place considering the fact that dry season gives these deadly criminals free movement in and out of these ungoverned spaces to go and perpetuate their heinous crimes,” Allawa told WikkiTimes.

He further urged the Federal and Niger State Government to immediately deploy forces to fight the terror, holding citizens hostage and killing them at will.

Wasiun Abiodun, spokesman for Niger Police Command, was not available for comment. At press time, he had not responded to a message sent to him.


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