‘Come on Helicopter If You Like’ — Villagers Despise Bandits, Rebuff Peace Pact

Residents of Jinge village in Zamfara State have restricted killer bandits who threatened to inavde them should they fail to pay certain levy for unhindered farming activities.

WikkiTimes gathered that the bandits after attacking some communities neighbouring Jinge, sent a contact to the community’s head for a negotiation.

When interacting with the representative of Jinge community’s head, the bandits listed other communities they earlier attacked, noting Jinge was spared because it was not hostile towards them. “You remain untouched,” a bandit told the representative over the phone. “Go and talk with your community head, if you people need reconciliation between us, otherwise, expect the consequences.”

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Although not all the bandits know Jinge, there are some of them that could take them to the community. “I don’t know you and your community but we are together with those who know,” the terrorist added. “We heard that you are not so aggressive against us and that’s why we sent our contact for you to call us and we would negotiate for peace.”

At some point, the phone convesation became intense and agreement seemed to end in deadlock. The bandit, subsequently, threatened to launch an attack on the community at any moment, but the residents seemed more brazen. “We are waiting for you idiots, come on helicopter if you like we are not going anywhere,” the representative yelled.

WikkiTimes had reported that the bandits in some communities in Zamfara and other northern states on several occasions forced residents to pay huge amounts of money as an agreement to allow them cohabitate peacefully.

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