Council of Ulama, Elder Statesmen, Weigh in Kano Royal Tussle

As the Kano Royal struggle continues to take different twists, the Council of Ulama, an umbrella body of Islamic clerics from different sects, has weighed in to the issue with a call to President Bola Tinubu to ensure peace is not jettisoned in Kano State.

The Council cautioned that the crisis if not carefully handled could degenerate into chaos which could affect peaceful coexistence in the state.

In a statement released to newsmen in Kano by the Islamic scholars and obtained by Wikkitimes, they call on the President to take all the necessary measures to ensure peace is not breached.

Among the scholars who signed the release include Dr Bashir Aliyu Umar, Sheikh Aminu Daurawa, sheikh Ibrahim Khalil, Sheikh Abba Adam Koki and Abdulwahab Abdallah among others.

According to them, both the state and the federal governments need to work collaboratively to maintain peace in the state.

“The recent happenings in the Emirate if not carefully handled could escalate and degenerate into chaos. It is imperative for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to take all necessary steps to maintain peace in the State,” part of the statement read.

“Mr. President as the leader of the nation should not allow the contest for a royal stool to degenerate to violence. We are calling on Mr. President to allow the people of Kano State to resolve these issues amicably without use of any force and loss of lives.”

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“While it is the purview of the State House of Assembly to enact Laws for good governance, the State Government needs the cooperation and support of the Federal Government. The State Assembly amended the Kano State Emirates Law and the Governor assented.”

” One person took the case to Court that the law violates his Fundamental Human Rights. He is entitled to his rights. The State Governor also has responsibility as the Chief Executive of the State as the act in question has already been completed. Therefore there is no need for violent enforcement of any order or violent resistant to it, and we vehemently oppose any measures that will bring escalation of conflict in the State.”

Meanwhile an elder statesman who is very close to the royal family told WikkiTimes on condition of anonymity because he doesn’t want his name public said he has personally made efforts to reach the parties to resolve the issue amicably.

” We all have a stake in this Kano matter. If you observe, Kano and Jagawa states are the only states in the North West that are relatively peaceful and stable. Thus, we can not allow the peace to evade. I am reaching out to all the parties along other statesmen to ensure this peace and stability is maintained,” he said.

“I do not think use of force will produce a lasting resolution to this situation. So, we have made some progress in reaching people through our contacts at both the Kano State and FGN levels to help deescalate the tension and restore some level of normalcy.”

Another retired officer from top echolen of the Nigerian security circle, a terse response to WikkiTimes, said “In Shaa Alla it will be resolved soon. The matter is being handled at the highest level with caution to avoid escalating it.”

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