Court Sentences Bauchi Man To Death By Hanging

A Bauchi State High Court has sentenced one Musa Hamza, a middle-aged man from Alkaleri local government, to death by hanging after he was found guilty of killing his 17-year-old friend, Adamu Ibrahim. 

The accused had lured his friend to a nearby bush in Alkaleri and killed him. He cut his head and perforated his eyes. 

Delivering the judgement, Justice Faruk Umar Sarki of High Court no 10 sitting in Bauchi, said having found the accused guilty of the offence, he should be hanged to death in accordance with the provision of section 221 of the Penal Code Law. 

He said the accused conceded to committing the offence, adding that he buried the body of his victim and head at two different locations. 

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However, the accused put his friend’s eyes in a bottle without supplying additional details as to what he intended to do with the eyeballs. 

The judgement came on the heels of a suit that a team of lawyers from the Bauchi State Ministry of Justice filed a legal suit against the convict, who initially denied committing the offence. Before the judgement was given, the prosecutors presented six witnesses before the case before the court while the defence counsel presented only one witness. 

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The prosecutors’ witnesses said that the boy’s father brought a complaint that his son did not return home on the day, but he heard information that he was seen with the accused and that they went out, three of them at night and ate dinner together.

They added that there was no fight between them, and did not insult each other, later, one of them left the accused and the deceased together, but when the suspect was asked, he said that he too left him.

But after the convict was arrested, Police searched his room and found the phone and Sim card of the deceased in his place, when the phone was found with the suspect, the investigation continued and he confessed to the crime against him.

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