Danger Looms as Bauchi Farmers Consider ‘Drastic Action’ Against Encroaching Herders

A contingent of farmers in the Bauchi State’s Galambi Cattle Ranch says they are considering drastic action against herders who intrude on their farmlands and destroy crops including other valuables.

In a meeting held earlier today, the grieving farmers alleged that the herders had destroyed an unquantifiable number of farmlands, leaving them with tremendous losses.

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The leader of the group, Alhaji Nuru Mohammed, told WikkiTimes that despite their effort to follow due process for the state government to take measures that will protect their remaining farmlands, it seemed that they have no alternative but to do everything possible to guard against the menace of the herders.

According to him, the exploitation of the herders did not stop with destroying farms, they also threatened the farmers and destroy their other belongings. “They destroy some of the farmers’ farmsteads, bicycles and motorcycles,” he said.

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Mohammed stated that not less than 300 farmlands have been destroyed and sadly, most of the farmers took loans from banks, while others lost the only crops they cultivated to feed their families.

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He hinted that they had earlier their grievances to the state government to take action, but they understood that no serious attempt was made by the authorities to check the anomalies done to them by the encroaching herders.

Scores of farmers who attended the session expressed their grievances on the level of destruction on the farms in the area.  

WikkiTimes recalled that Galambi Cattle Ranch is one of the public assets the Bauchi State government would lease to private companies.

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When contacted earlier, Hardo Mohammed, the Sarkin Fulanin Zungur and Ardo of Kusada said neither the farmers nor the herders reported the case to them.

The clashes between the farmers and the herders due to competition on the agricultural lands create great concern not only in Bauchi, but most states suffer one form of farmer/herder crisis and experts maintained that it is the direct repercussion of climate change.


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