Decayed Niger PHC Turns Nest for Birds

The Primary Health Care (PHC) centre in Rofia, a suburb of Agwara Local Government Area of Niger State, is not only collapsed but has become a home for birds perching around the facility.

During its recent visit to the centre, Nigeria Health Watch, a pro-health platform found that the facility needs urgent government intervention.

It revealed that the roof and ceiling of the building are half gone and it leaks whenever it rains.

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“The facility serves the community members & other surrounding settlements,” tweeted Nigeria Health Watch. “However, the PHC needs a complete renovation to meet the community health needs.”

‘’The ceiling is completely broken. During the rainy season, everywhere leaks. Right now, bats & birds have made the health facility a home,” it added.

According to Bello Usman Gidi, a resident of the community, the locals are facing numerous challenges where they have to seek medical attention somewhere else which is about nine kilometres away.

“The Rofia PHC has not been functioning optimally for about two to three years now, the building roof is half gone, the ceilings are gone too and it is now home to birds and bats, their waste is littered everywhere,” said Gidi.

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WikkiTimes learnt that the medical staff attached to the facility have stopped coming. This owed to the worsening situation of the facility, according to Gidi.

The community has reportedly made many appeals to the council’s chairman but they seemed to fall on deaf ears.

“We are suffering from the health care facility, let Niger State government and other concerned authorities come to our aid,” Gidi appealed. 

As of press time, an enquiry sent to the spokesperson of the Niger State Primary Health Care Development Agency (PHCDA), has not been responded to.


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