Despite Sustaining Injury, Car Owner Wants Motorcyclist to Pay Damages

Luck nearly ran out of a Bauchi-based young man simply identified as Sunday when he oversped and hit a Toyota 4Runner, breaking its back light and bumper with his Jincheng motorcycle around Gwalameji bypass in Bauchi State.

Despite sustaing an injury on his leg, the owner of the car wanted Sunday to pay for damages, but people interceded and pleaded on his behalf.

Sunday, according to eyewitnesses was trying to overtake the car from the driver’s side when he rammed into the vehicle from the back. He would manage to get up from the floor with a blood-stained ankle, but the car owner would not let him go.

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A dark-skinned man who appears to be the owner of the car explained that the incident had grounded his plan. “I was heading for a wedding in Dass, hoping to observe my Jum’at service on the way,” he said. “Now I have missed the two.”

Sunday’s motorcycle being taken to the roadside by another person.

He claimed that the damage done by Sunday could not be fixed with a little money. Though, he did not specify a certain amount. The scene was soon crowded as the crowd begged him for sympathy, but he insisted Sunday would pay for the damage.

“It is either you take us to a repair shop or…,” he told Sunday who had already busted into tears — obviously for the damage and perhaps, the injury he sustained.

The injury

As the car owner refused to let go, Sunday cried uncontrollably. “Or you sell your motorcycle to offset the bill,” the car owner chuckled while the Sunday wailed.

One of the interceders who owns a plank shop around the area pleaded that the car owner forgives Sunday. “Please, let him go and take care of himself,” he begged, urging the man to fix the damage at his own cost.

The car owner, however, heeded the pleas but ensured that Sunday departed the scene before him.


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