Do Redesigned Naira Notes Fade When Exposed to Water?

Following the release of redesigned naira notes by Central of Nigeria (CBN) on December 15, 2022, many Nigerians on social media claimed that the new notes fade in contact with water.

Netizens claimed that the new currency turns to white paper if soaked inside water or any liquid substance. Some claimed that if the new notes were brushed with cotton, one could see their colour on the cotton.


A Twitter user, @zunnoorMoh posted a picture of faded paper claiming that it was a new naira note.

“So if you mistakenly wash the new naira note it’ll fade,” he tweeted. Commenting under tweet, a tweep wrote: “See as new naira notes fade like Wizkid career.”

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Another user identified as CHINAZO posted the same picture and said it was her sister that mistakenly washed her clothes with the notes and they got faded.

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“So my sis forgot the new currency in her pocket and washed it, this is what it turned out to be! If rain drenches you and this money is your only hope, you’d be stranded!”

“New naira notes reportedly loses colour after being wiped with a fabric,” Instablog9ja, a Nigerian blog with over a million followers posted.


Abatan Nwoso, on his Twitter account, urged people to disregard the claim describing it as fake news orchestrated by enemies of the nation.

“Kindly disregard the fake news propaganda shared by enemies of Nigeria. Tests have shown that the New Naira Note doesn’t fade when in contact with fluids,” she said in a video clip.

Replying to Nwoso, another user Eze Bantie said: “I will keep saying it. We Nigerians are the problem of our wahala.” Also one David Fátúnmbí tweeted: “This is a good example of how the media can help combat fake news with reliable info.

In another clip, BBC Hausa underwent some experimental tests on the claim and proved it fake and baseless.

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Samples used by the medium are N1000, N500 and N200 old and new notes as well as foreign notes. By the end of the experiment, the medium found out that all the notes have almost similar effects on white cotton and held that the viral claims are fake and the notes do not fade.

Colours are obvious from all the notes including the old, new, as well as foreign currencies but do not affect the quality and originality of the notes.

“This is proof that the negative remark that the new currency fades like ink is a lie,” wrote a tweep identgied as Ijoba. “According to tests, the New Naira Note doesn’t fade when it comes into touch with liquids.”


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