DOCUMENTS: List of 41 Institutions to be Closed Down in Bauchi

No fewer than 41 institutions illegally awarding Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) certificates in Bauchi State would be closed down, WikkiTimes earlier reported.

This decision followed an outcome of the nationwide verification exercise to fish out unapproved NCE awarding institutions and study centres by the commission. The exercise was done last year.

READ: 41 Institutions to Close Down in Bauchi

According to documents dated September 5, 2022 and received by the Bauchi State Ministry of Education twenty-five days after, the institutions have one month to close down or else they would be legally dealt with.


1College o Education Mayo Belwa, affiliated to College of Education AzareAzare, Katagum LGA
2Abubakar Adamu Mu’azu College of Education BotoTafawa Balewa LGA
3Al-Imam College of Education, NasarawaBauchi LGA
4Apex College of Education Liman KatagumKatagum LGA
5College of Advance Studies, MagamaToro LGA
6College of Education Bununu, Tafawa BalewaTafawa Balewa LGA
7College of Arabic and Islamic Studies ToroToro LGA
8Dr. Sulaiman Adamu College of Hygiene and Environmental Health Science BauchiBauchi LGA
9ECWA College of Education Bayara, BauchiBauchi LGA
10Garba Ibrahim Institute of Education, AlkaleriAlkaleri LGA
11Garko College of Education BauchiBauchi LGA
12Garu College of Health Technology BauchiBauchi LGA
13Ibn Abbas College of Arabic and Islamic Studies BauchiBauchi LGA
14Institute of Management and Computer Studies BauchiBauchi LGA
15JIBWIS College of Arabic and Islamic Studies DambamDambam LGA
16Kafin Madaki College of Education BauchiBauchi LGA
17Mai-Kalam College of EducationOpp, Railway Station, Bauchi LGA
18Maidawa College of Education Magama GumauToro LGA
19Matori College of Education BauchiBauchi LGA
20Mbula College of Education DassDass LGA
21Markazul Islam Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, AzareAzare, Katagum LGA
22Sahib College of Education BauchiBauchi LGA
23Sardauna College of Education BauchiBauchi LGA
24Sheikh Adamu Abubakar College AzareAzare, Katagum LGA
25Sunnah Bauchi College of Education, ToroToro LGA
26Thomas Moor Institute BauchiBauchi LGA
27Urat Memorial College of Education BauchiBauchi LGA
28Diamond Teachers Training College of Education BauchiBauchi LGA
29Ibrahim Bello College of Education Magama GumauToro LGA
30Annur Kano College of Arabic and Islamic Studies KatagumZaki LGA
31Annur Kano College of Education, Abu Kilishi AzareAzare, Katagum LGA
32Annur Kano College of Education, Burra, NingiNingi LGA
33Annur Kano College of Education, GiadeGi’ade LGA
34Annur Kano College of Education, Sheikh Adam AzareAzare, Katagum LGA
35Annur Kano College of Education, WarjiWarji LGA
36Da’awa Bauchi College of Education, DarazoDarazo LGA
37Da’awa Bauchi College of Education, Kafin MadakiGanjuwa LGA
38Danyaya College of Education MiyaGanjuwa LGA
39Darazo College of Education AkuyamMisau LGA
40Gindiri College of Education WarjiWarji LGA
41Sa’adatu Rimi Kumbotso College of Education Gidan Marayu KatagumZaki LGA


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