Dr Disina Drums Stiffer Penalties On Drug Abuse

Dr Ibrahim Adam Umar Disina, a Bauchi based Islamic cleric has called for stiffer legislation that will address the rising trend of drug abuse in the country.

The cleric maintained that drug abuse has become so prevalent in society so much that women of classes and categories keyed into the ugly trend.  He said Lawmakers in Nigeria have been urged to enact laws that will reduce the rate of drug abuse in the country.

Dr Disina said that most of the laws in the country tailored toward addressing drug abuse are weak, hence, the need for legislators to replace the existing drug abuse legal framework with stiffer laws. 

“The prevalence of drug abuse especially among married women has become annoying and worrisome. It is apt so as to have a better future for our society,” Sheikh Disina said. 

To him, drug abuse is the root cause of crimes in society and as such, all authorities concerned must join hands to bring to an end the ugly trend at all cost.

Dr Disina on the stance of Islam on the prohibition of drug abuse expressed dismay on the rate of drug abuse among rural dwellers which he attributed to ignorance.


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