‘Economic Burden Denying Me Marriage’ — Kano Grocer Believes

A Kano-based grocery seller, Hussaini Mukhtar said the current economic pressure ravaging Nigeria is frustrating his chances of getting married. 

In an interview with BBC Hausa, the young man said: “Life has become very difficult, costs and hardships have increased due to the lack of money and the ever-increasing prices of goods. We only try to buy food every day, because it is necessary.”

According to him, despite attaining marital age, he can’t raise a family because he does not have enough money to afford that.

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“First of all, if I get married now, I have to rent a house and spend money for the wedding and other expenses,” Mukhtar said. “As for my shop, what I earn is barely enough to meet my basic needs, not to mention bearing the burden of raising a family.”

Nonetheless, the young man is still optimistic about getting married as he saves money to meet the target.

According to him, the economic situation has also hindered him from furthering his studies ever since obtaining an NCE certificate in 2018.

“Thinking about school fees and expenses that come with schooling discourages me from going back to school because I can’t afford it,” he said.

Speaking of the health system, the young man said that people can no longer afford public hospitals in the country because it is no longer free as claimed.

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He added that he prefers to patronize medicine shops when sick than go to the hospital.

The burden of economic difficulty has affected millions of people in Nigeria. Since 2019, inflation has deepened in Nigeria, worsening over the years due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic and the territorial tussle between Ukraine and Russia which affects the world at large.

Also, critics are associating Nigeria’s situation to the failure of the government to take measures that will improve the country’s economy.


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