Emir of Jama’are Turbans Abba Kyari’s Widow As Gimbiyar Jama’are

The Emir of Jama’are, Alhaji Nuhu Ahmad Wabi has turbaned Hajiya Hauwa Kulu Abba Kyari, widow of a former Chief of Staff to the President, Malam Abba Kyari, as First Gimbiyar Jama’are. 

The Emir while decorating Hajiya Kulu as Gimbiyar Jama’are at his palace on Sunday said her coronation follows her track record of developmental strides within Jama’are Emirate. 

He said as Gimbiyar Jama’are, she will serve as a mediator between female folk and male folk in the Emirate. 

The Emir said being a princess of the Emirate, Hajiya Kulu’s role as Gimbiyar Jama’are will address the patriarchal tendencies of Jama’are Emirate as is the case in other core northern societies.

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Alhaji Nuhu Wabi said, ” Hajiya Kulu has brought so many things to Jama’are Emirate and the people of the Emirate are ripping the benefits.”

Aisha Abba Kyari who spoke on behalf of their mother said the decision of the Emir of Jama’are to turban Hajiya Kulu will spur her to do more for not only the immediate Jama’are Emirate but the humanity at large.


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