Epochal Achievements of Dr Esther Ahmed as Avatar of Bauchi State SDGs [part-1]

Aside from God who is the almighty, and the celestial beings which we do not see, every great name, and the deities have at one time or the other lived among us, seen by all and interacted with men and women in all ordinary forms but within daily human interactions, human and societal aspirations, very unique and exceptional attributes are noticed in a certain individual, worthy of emulation, and a reflection of cutting-edge understanding, and deep knowledge of human beings, their social needs and ways of advancing them in very enviable ways.

These distinct manifestations are carefully attributable to deep intuitive capabilities which however is not possessed by everyone. 

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Such manifestations provoke an aura of love, emotion, acceptability, appreciation by many, in whichever society, or age in which the avatar exists, this also does not exclude envy and strife from other quarters, since we are living in human society, which until death, we are in constant competition.

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Great, and household names today likes Hajiya Gambo Sawaba,  Queen Amina, Dr. Ngoze Okonjo-Iweala, late Prof. Dora Akunyile and our dear sister Amina Mohammed never lived a life free of human competitions, criticisms and chastisements, especially among those who may see themselves as competitors for relevance (in any form) and opportunities, also those among their followers who may, at one time or the other, not understand or comprehend some of her actions and decisions, even when in a long run it, comes back as long term benefit for the same people who criticized it.

Scholars in various cosmic studies have explained it, that it is not all exist that is apparent, what had separated the Avatar from every other man or women, and has accounted for their enduring fame and greatness is a positive application of the divine gift of knowledge for the endowment of mankind and the glory of God.

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Without an extra attempt at patronage, looking into the life of Dr Esther Ahmed among us, and the benefits that our human society has practically derived from her,  her  judgments, and programs in SDGs,  not just when she became the Director General of Bauchi State Sustainable Development Goals,  but all the opportunities she has had to serve.

She has added to humanity, enduring values that would outlive a lifetime.

She classes in the class of avatars for her special ability to discern the direction of the society and how to re-construct it to attract greater goods for larger people, especially in Bauchi a state in the North-East geo-political zone of the country  with a history of underdevelopment together with unplanned and weak economic productivity.

One attribute, common to, and unifying Avatars, is TRANSCENDENTALISM.
Transcendentalism is a formal word that describes a very simple idea.

People, men and women equally, who have knowledge about themselves and the world around them, “transcends” or goes beyond what they can see, hear, taste, touch or feel.

The knowledge comes through intuition and imagination, not through logic or the senses. This poignant ability in unapparent knowledge is a special power possessed by Dr. Esther Ahmed  from childhood, which has generated more gains to her  immediate societies in succession, that what she had personality gained.

It is on this note that I have decided, in a manner of writing, by way of unveiling the epochal achievements of the current Director-General of SDGs under Governor, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed of Bauchi State,  lest some analysts fail to do thorough justice to the issue.

A paucity of funds notwithstanding, Dr. Ahmed achieved a lot within the permissible limits of resources available to her. In chronicling these achievements, I intend to be as dispassionate as possible to avoid critics misconstruing my intention as a backhanded attempt to curry favour from the Director-General.

To those conversant with the antecedents of Dr Esther Ahmed, her journey to the top was not totally rosy. But through deft combination of sagacity and moral discipline, she rose through a a combustible mix of obstacles, navigating her way through the labyrinth of life to attain her present position.


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