Ethno-religious Crisis Disuniting Corps Members In Plateau

The unrestrained bloodbath resulting from ethnoreligious crises in Plateau State is setting religious boundaries for corps members posted to porous areas in the state, WikkiTimes can report.

After completing their 21-day camping exercise at Mangu camp, some Muslim corps members were posted to Langtang Local Government, a crisis infested area. They were later advised to seek reposting to another local government.

Locals disunited by the crisis through unwritten laws decide who lives in their communities. Sadly, they are enabling disunity among corps members undergoing a mandatory one year service under National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme. This distorts the unifying goal of the service.

While figures of indigenous casualties were evident, no fact the unrest had claimed a corps member. But findings showed that previous havoc in 2021, resulted in a petition signed by over 300 corps members, who sought to be relocated to other peaceful states.

North For the Muslims, South For the Christians

Orgy for mindless killings seems to gain prominence in Plateau State with council areas ceded to ethno-religious rebels.

Jos North to the Muslim dwellers is a safe haven only to a Muslim faithful, WikkiTimes learned.

Similarly, Jos South is an abode only safe for Christian brethrens.

The NYSC bye-law restricts corps members to shun press interviews. Default to this attracts a penalty.

‘Muslims Not Safe in Langtang, Riyom’

In the south and north of Langtang Local Government Area (LGA), Plateau State, Muslim corps members settle at their risk. Riyom LGA is not an exception.

“Muslims are not safe staying in communities like Langtang South, North and Riyom,” said a corps member whose name was withheld for fear of victimisation.

For instance, Muslim corps members posted to Langtang South were advised to seek reposting to another local government.

“The Christian corp members we met there told us there are no Muslim colleagues in the area,” added, another corps member. “So, we all left that same day of our arrival.”

Muslims and Christians, WikkiTimes learned, are prone to lynching in some areas. To avert that, “we are careful posting corps members there,” an anonymous NYSC official told WikkiTimes.

Just as Langtang and Riyom LGAs are embargoed for Muslims, so is Wase LGA.

Although, there are concerns that allowing Muslim corps members in Langtang and Riyom could give chance for the reemergence of herders in the areas.

Caroline Embu, the Plateau State’s NYSC coordinator denied having such a religious dichotomy as related to posting corps members. She said the scheme would not endanger the lives of corps members by posting them to troubled areas.


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