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Ex-Bauchi Lawmaker Blames Votes Buying For Nigerians’ Economic Woes

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Hon Aminu Tukur, a former of the Bauchi State House of Assembly representing Lere-Bula Constituency has attributed the current economic predicament Nigerians are engrossed in over their attitude of cashing out their votes during elections.

He said Nigerians are so greedy at their own level so much that they don’t care whatsoever to lease out their votes and right cheaply to politicians who do not mean well for them and their future.

Aminu Tukur stated this while speaking to Albarka Radio on Tuesday in Bauchi.

He said unpatriotic politicians having noticed the attitude of the electorates opted to starched money to buy the seat they aspire for and, as expected, they don’t care to do anything that will touch the lives of the people.

“All our sufferings at the moment are the footprint of the attitude of greedy electorates who give out their votes for money.

“They know those supposed to lead them, but they reject them. That is the truth,” He stressed.

He said unless Nigerians understand that they are the judges who determine their leaders and do the needful, insecurity and poverty will continue to linger in the country, and, as such, it will be arduous to have any meaningful development and progress in the land.

“People are the judges of themselves, and if they want it, in less than six months, things will change in the country,” he said.

Hon Aminu Tukur is an ardent political ally of former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara.



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