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Explore BioMass Technology To Tackle Deforestation, Expert Tells Bauchi Govt

Engineer Robinson Ejila, a European Climate Pact Ambassador with the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi, ATBU has advised Bauchi State Government to resort to BioMass technology so as to not only tackle deforestation but salvage other farming concerns.

The climate expert who spoke exclusively to WikkiTimes posits that the inherent gains in it made it a better choice than any other technological approach for now.

“Biomass is a rice component, it is inexhaustible because every farming season, we don’t utilize all our cultural crop residues (crop wastes) and they are wasted.

“Like solar and gas carbon, cheaper and more accessible than the carbon-emitting ones making biogas available will go a long way in addressing the deforestation challenge because they are cleaner fuel.

“When these products are made available, it will empower rural communities and it is cheaper as it can be sourced right from their farms”, he explained.

Engineer Elijah insisted that the technology is not too complex and will generate more they will make more money for both farmers and government if properly harnessed.

He maintained that the challenge with new technology like this is that it takes a lot for the cultural barriers to be broken at the community level for acceptance adding that people should key into solar fossil as very efficient whose devices are designed from the best available science.

“They functionally can be guaranteed and it will save a lot of pressure on our environment; the gas is good too because gas has carbon, but on the alternative, we need to have a wide range of options which will make it a lot easier to access energy, which is why this biomass is the best for now “, the European Climate Pact Ambassador said.

Another concern he raised was the need for the government to support researchers in this light, “the government should support researchers, development sectors, and participants who are interested in setting up more training organizations to help the locals get used to this new technology that can be domesticated for their immediate use”, he said

Recall that some areas in Bauchi state have been confronted with one form of deforestation or the other prompting the state government to ban indiscriminate felling of trees due to its climatic repercussion.

Reacting to this, the Directo General Bauchi State Environmental Protection Agency, BASEPA, Dr. Ibrahim Kabir had told our reporter that “The government will take a strong measure against indiscriminate felling of trees, those doing it for their domestic use may not bother us, but, majorly our concern is those people that usually take it for commercial activities outside Bauchi state”


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