Federal Govt Urged to Arrest Gumi

A social media user has berated the federal government for sparing Sheikh Gumi despite his complicity in bandirty activities ravaging the country’s northern region.

Makama Zagazola, a security analyst and media expert familiar with the terror trend in the country, took to Twitter yesterday, calling for the cleric’s arrest.

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Zagazola argued that the cleric’s spokesman, Tukur Mamu, who was caught abetting terrorism indicates that his boss is complicit.

He believes the federal government is reluctant to arrest Gumi despite prevailing evidences that proved his involvement.

“At some point, family of abducted victims raised the sum of N600million to rescue the rest of the 26 train kidnapped victims but Sheikh Gumi’s Side, Mamu thwarted the deal And encouraged the bandits to demand for N1.5 billion. This was where he crossed the red line,” Gumi said.

Tweeps, however, berate the government for not arresting Gumi. The tweets read below:

“Apparently, Gumi is a complicit. But Buhari cannot touch him. You people joke with lives too much”.

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“When is Sheik Gumi going to be arrested as soon as there is an indictment against him”.

“There’s a lot of cleaning up to be done in our societies both north and south. There’s practically no fear of God in the hearts of millions of Nigerians. Even though the religious centers are filled up beyond capacity at all times. But their hearts are filled with evil”.


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