‘Floods Displace Bauchi Residents In Kirfi LGA’

Ravaging floods have continued to wreak havoc on residents of communities in Kirfi Local Government Area of Bauchi State, submerging their houses and farmlands.

Alhaji Abbas Baffah Cheledi, a native of the local council, said in a Facebook post that the flood has render hundreds of people homeless.

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According to him, people in various communities in the local council need urgent attention from government to salvage them, as fear and uncertainty has continue to reign in their minds. Cheledi disclosed that many displaced people have become refugees in neighbouring towns.

Debris of submerged homes

WikkiTimes’ findings revealed that Kifri among other flood-prone areas remains the worst hit as scores of farmlands and houses were destroyed by the torrential flooding.

“Women and children are now sheltered in primary schools without any hope of getting food to eat talkless of clothes to wear or blankets to sleep on,” Chiledi wrote. He, however, reiterated that people in the area needs government’s support at all levels.


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