Fundraiser Relives Experiences with ‘Insincere’ Beneficiaries

Bimbo Oke, a Lagos-based media influencer and fundraiser, has narrated her experience with some beneficiaries she had raised funds for to offset their medical bills.

According to her, there was a woman who approached her in February seeking financial help. After funds were raised for the woman through her personal account, she refused to acknowledge it, Oke said in a Twitter post. 

Oke further explained that the woman needed the money to take care of her ill daughter. The public donation, she said, commenced after a series of calls for crowdfunding on social media platforms including Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram.

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Following that, Oke said the woman kept calling to complain that no one had credited her account. This continued for another week, according to Oke.

“I sent broadcasts to all my WhatsApp contacts. After a week, I got tired. She called me and I told her there was absolutely nothing I would have done differently, I used your account and I won’t force donors Or dip their hands in their pocket,” she stated.

Subsequently, Oke would credit the woman’s account with N10,000 but “she refused to acknowledge it.”

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“Suddenly, two weeks later, she called me saying I should help them that her daughter’s health is failing then I asked her: Madam, I have tried, you said no one donated. Her response threw me off my feet. I won’t lie, Money was entering small small,” Oke added, saying the woman later admitted to have received the sum of N240,000.

WikkiTimes was not able to reach the woman at the time of filing this report, however, Oke confirmed that the woman had lost the daughter whom she was seeking help for. However, she decided to let go of the issue.


In another crowdfunding experience, Oke narrated how money raised for three patients was mistakenly disbursed to one beneficiary.

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“Something happened last week. We raised money for a patient and after reconciling the account, funds were disbursed to the said patient at 12 noon,” Oke tweeted. “At exactly 4:00 pm, the same day, we discovered 600k was meant for two other patients waiting for surgery which we posted earlier, 300k each.”

After reaching out to the contact of the patient who received the excess payment, appealing for a refund. But her efforts proved futile. 

According to her, the beneficiary had initially agreed to refund the money, which was meant for two baby patients awaiting kidney surgery. However, the contact ditched her calls afterwards and refused to pay back. 

“I was sweating under the AC. That was a terrible mistake. I immediately reached out to the patient and forwarded screenshots of the account explanation and pleaded that she should please refund 100k while I bear the rest (consequences) of my foolishness.

“She agreed. Till today, the patient refused to pick up my calls. I have paid the two babies though because the surgery must take place (Kidney removal surgery) layman lang, I guess that’s the consequences for my stupidity,” she tweeted. 


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