Gololo Gives Tips On Effective Representation

By  Sanusi Muhammad

A former member of the 8th House of Representatives from Gamawa federal constituency of Bauchi state and chieftain of All Progressives Congress, Muhammed Garba Gololo, said the only secret to effective representation is to give listening ears to the people and serve them with passion.

He also said he did not only know the problems bedeviling his constituency, but was determined, prepared and passionate to solve them within his personal and official capacities.

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The former member stated these in a phone interview during the celebration of Democracy Day on June 12 observed throughout Nigeria.

He noted that his provision and equipping of several health facilities, schools and skills acquisition centres apart from other social interventions in critical sectors were for tailored to bringing an end the identified sufferings of the people of the area, who had been seeking solace from other areas.

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Gololo said: “A good representative must always strive to hear from his constituents, especially from those in desperate situations, and stay around and provide them protection against other maladies and unpleasant situations
“In my days, I was never far from my people.

I always had fruitful discussion with them and they were accessible to me at anytime
“I executed projects according to their requests.

Various communities came up with their developmental and intervention needs and I found ways to attend to those requests with commitment and pleasure
“Legislation is a serious business. I still have more things in store for the progress of my people because the person who is good, can only be better”.

Gololo also stated that he had brought infrastructural revolution to Gamawa federal constituency through his personal effort and support from the federal intervention that seems to be lacking now.

He said: “If not for the existence of constituency projects, several communities in Nigeria, particularly in Bauchi state would not have been enjoying what they enjoy presently from our efforts. I have set the pace in infrastructural development, economic empowerment and skills acquisition in my constituency that cannot be matched”.

Commenting on the two-year stewardship of Governor Bala Muhammed in Bauchi state, Gololo said: “So far, he has not done badly despite being in opposition PDP. I’m not in blind opposition but I know an APC governor could have performed better if had the chance”.


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