Honorable Farouk Mustapha: ‘Between Bauchi and Its People; It Must Be A Love Story

By Babangida Yunusa

Farouk Mustapha’s continued rise to top our political classes is one of the great stories of the history of Bauchi state. He was born the son of a noble gentleman, in just a few years he gained supports of political parlors of the state and conquered to control most of its people.

He does this because he had the skills and abilities required to seize favorable situations that he encountered and making people comfortable to always associate with. In his life, we can learn principles that are applicable to anyone, as well as dangerous traits common to many dictators in history who have abused their power.

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As a young politician, Farouk is a vivacious leader with friendly accessibility, kindness, trustworthiness with patience, hospitality as well as a kind human relationship. He especially enjoys the audience of his people and models himself upon their needs just like his family.

Farouk joined the APC party at a time when quick advancement was possible. The 2019 General Elections in Bauchi state resulted in many politicians leaving the opposition, but he gave a nod to step in. He is always ready to build a wall where there is none. He is a very successful and tactical politician in his campaigns, and that laid the foundation necessary for his political achievements.

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He contested severally and won undoubtedly in his political career. He is talented both strategically and tactically. In campaign after campaign, he defeated larger political vampires with smaller or no efforts due to the support and sympathy he enjoys. 

He is undoubtedly a brilliant politician that has no enemy, and many have counted him as the best politician who is closer to his people in the democratic history of our state.

Farouk is not just a great politician, he is also good at mapping an experimental Blueprint for his people. One of his most famous maxims is that “Man marches on his stomach.” If society is not well-governed and well-fed, they can not be expected to live well.

One essential feature of Farouk’s character is brilliance. Not only is he very smart, but he could also handle multiple tasks at once. He could shoulder responsibility upon responsibilities, societal solutions after problems, on a wide variety of challenges, often without even stopping to think.

He could also compartmentalize his mind. Even in the midst of a very challenging economy, he could put the present situation behind him and think with incredible clarity about another expected reliable approach. This is as a result of how he relates with his people directly and learned about their problems and concerns.

He is such a leader that will ensure civil servants and pensioners got paid on time. He will not only consider infrastructural development, instead, his transformation agenda will also institute schematic youths empowerment, which will be the basis for economic development.

His policies will bring to Bauchi state a single set of proceedings, wiping out the confusing remnants of our educational systems. Farouk will also consider health and water reform policies to be his greatest accomplishment. What nothing will leave, what will live forever, shall be his mission. The stability that all these realistic intentions to reform policies brought to our minds increased his popularity with the people and gave him an unshakable love he desires.

Farouk Mustapha is not a miracle cure for what ails Bauchi state. But he is a good man who would restore steadiness and civility to the state. He is equipped to begin the long, difficult task of putting a fractured democracy back together again. That is why, if we had a vote, it would go to Farouk


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