How Financial, Health Crises Forced Kannywood Actor into Dance Club

A veteran Kannywood actor, Tahir Fagge, said financial coupled with health crises compelled him to take part in ‘Gidan Gala’ where he was spotted dancing with women.

Condemnation trailed the episode as social media users scolded him for “reducing” himself to a club dancer.

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Speaking to BBC Hausa, Fagge said he is currently battling a heart disease which has plunged him deeper in financial challenges. While attributing the challenge to God’s will, the veteran actor said fans need to understand that the power of destiny is beyond the control of a man.

Further, Fagge said he has no regrets choosing to perform in the dance club to pay his medical bills, adding that there are acquaintances that can afford to take care of him, but he prefers to hustle on his own. 

“If I had contacted Ali Nuhu (Kannywood actor),  he would foot the medical bills, but I decided to hold back,” he stated. “Ali Nuhu had once bought me an expensive phone after he saw the one I was using and said he was ashamed to see the kind of phone I was using. But I later sold the phone to buy medicine, that is why I feel shy to confront him for money now.”

The actor however, revealed that he was once pressed by circumstances to solicit for assistance from some of his colleagues when he was billed N265,000 at a hospital.

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“Rarara donated N20,000, Maishadda N20,000, and Abdul Amart gave me N15,00.” he told BBC Hausa. “It was at that point that some young people invited me as a guest of honor at a launching of a dance club and I accepted. They offered me N150,000.”

He added: “During the event, I was asked to dance to a particular song and demonstrate the steps. Afterwards, the video started making rounds on social media and people were shocked to see me performing in a club.”


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