How Open Defecation By Truck Driver Ignited Gridlock, Tension On Niger Highway

Vehicular movements were obstructed along Lagos-Abuja highway in Mokwa, Niger State, after a shop attendant injured a truck driver who defecated near his shop.

The incident, WikkiTimes learnt, occurred around 9:00 am at Sawmill area of Mokwa. The road would not be opened until 11:30 am.

The unnamed driver, after defecating in a bushy area near the shop attendant’s vicinity, was severely injured with a plank.

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The shop attendant — a young boy — was annoyed with the driver’s action, according to eyewitnesses.

Tensed scene of the event

Yakubu Abdullahi, a source familiar with the incident told WikkiTimes the “driver entered a bushy place to defecate but very close to a shop. The boy (shop attendant) took a plank and hit the victim on the head.”

The shop attendant and his boss were immediately picked by police in the town to safe them from possible lynch action. But colleagues of the truck driver demanded for their release.

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“Now, the angry drivers insisted that they should bring the suspect out for revenge,” Abdullahi told WikkiTimes.

This, however, metamorphosed into the gridlock as the truck driver continued to demand justice.

Corroborating Abdullahi’s words, David, as simply identified, said the shop attendant asked the injured driver why he chose to defecate around his shop.

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“The boy, working in the shop, close to the bush, saw him defecating and the boy asked him why he messed up his surroundings,” David told WikkiTimes.

“Na from there, the boy carried something to knack him oo”, David said in Pidgin. “As he knack him, the driver go tell him colleague wetin happen.”

Trucks used to barricade the highway

Protesting, the angry colleagues barricaded the highway for over two hours before the police operatives and officials of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) settled it amicably.

Our reporter could not reach the enraged drivers to know the health status of their injured colleague.

However, the Niger State police spokesperson, Wasiu Abiodun was not available for comment. At press time, a text sent to him has not been responded to.


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