‘How Overcrowded Class in Nigeria Compelled Me to Study Abroad’

An overcrowded class coupled with some factors forced Naziru Usman Abubakar to Italy where he is currently studying law.

Speaking to BBC Hausa, Naziru said after completing his secondary education in 2011, he got a scholarship at the Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education in Kano, where he was expected to study Hausa Language and Islamic Studies.

But a congested class could not make him finish at the college. He would later travel to Europe for greener pastures. Later, he decided to further his education.

According to him, a class that shouldn’t hold more than 200 students had over 500 attending classes.

“Of course, in a class like this, there must be many problems, the problems include heat, lack of air, humidity and not being able to hear what the teacher is saying,” Naziru told the medium.

In addition to overcrowding, Naziru said there were inadequate teaching materials, outdated curriculum, among others.

“Here is the issue of lack of learning and teaching materials, and not updating the curriculum on time, where you will find a teacher teaching the same thing for more than ten years without making any changes or adding anything.

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“There is also the issue of teachers’ strike, and the staff of the country’s higher education institutions

“For example, the National University Teachers Association is now in its eighth month of strike action in the country, as a result of the federal government failing to meet some of its demands.

“These reasons are among the reasons that compel some parents to send their children to European countries and even some African countries, in order to have the opportunity to complete their studies without facing problems.

“When I left home, I had no intention of going to Europe, but destiny sent me here. I went through Niger to Algeria, where I met a friend from Sierra Leone when he returned from Morocco, and he was planning to go to Europe through Libya,” he said.

He added that when he traveled to Italy, he started working to earn money, but later he thought of furthering his studies.

He said: “I applied for a scholarship in two universities in Italy and both of them gave me.

“Then I chose one of them, which is the University of Turin in 2020 where I am studying law and now I am in my final year.”


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