How Unemployment Favoured Zamfara Kannywood Artist

El-Muneer Ali, a Zamfara-based Kannywood artist lost his job some years ago, yet, he said it turned out to be a blessing for him.

Hailed from Gusau local government, the headquarters of the Zamfara State, the young musician is also a professional tailor. In an interview with BBC Hausa, Ali said he started as an imitating dancer during events in his community before he later became a popular performer.

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The famous artist recalled when he first visited the studio and couldn’t sing a stanza. But that, he said, becomes the beginning of his journey to a successful musician.

Nonetheless, he still sews clothes. “I’m still a Tailor. I have customers that can bring clothes for sewing only that I don’t stay in the shop,” he said.

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Ali is becoming one of the fast-growing musicians in the Kannywood industry. Among his popular songs is Labarin Lubah 1 – 3.

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The artist said as a performer, he sometimes serves as a pianist. “I can sing and sometimes play piano,” he told BBC Hausa.

Ali said his ambition is to become a more successful and popular musician to help young talents in the industry.


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