In Fidelity Bank, Abuja Man Withdraws N200,000, but Parts of It Are Fake

A Twitter user simply identified as Mike said N5,000 out of N200,000 he withdrew inside Fidelity Bank in Utako, Abuja, were fake.

In a Twitter post, Mike ranked the bank as “worst of the year”, adding he discovered the fake notes in N1,000 denominations.

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“The worst bank of the year is fidelity bank  #NDIC #CBN #fidelity bank  I withdrew 200k over the counter at Utako branch, Abuja. Just to discover fake five 1000 notes,” he tweeted.

Responding to a comment, Mike said he discovered them while paying for some items. 

“When paying for items I bought, not one , however, five notes, it means it was intentional,” he added. 

The user was not available to respond to some questions. Also, WikkiTimes emailed Fidelity Bank about the allegations but it has not responded as of press time.

This comes as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) dispatched the redesigned naira notes in the denominations of N200, N500 and N1,000.

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TheVanguard reports that fake copies of the new N1000 naira notes have been released in circulation. Although, the notes posted by Mike were old ones.

According to a mobile money and bank agent in a video, a customer performed a bank transaction through his wife’s Point of Sale (PoS) using a fake copy of the redesigned N1,000.

In the video, he showed the difference between the fake and original redesigned N1,000 note, saying the original note has a gold seal at the bottom of the right-hand side of the note and the seal cannot be erased when scratched.


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